About Us

Mr. Ramdass

Mr. Ramdass is a Certified Insurance and Savings Advisor with India’s leading Insurance providing company LIC.

In his words, “My mission is to make my clients understand the actual cost of all his investment decisions in the event of any change in life circumstances.”

Our Core Values

  • Deliver value to our clients
  • Build trust and honest relations through communication
  • Personal Approach with all customers
  • High standards of service

Our Mission

Our mission is to reduce risk for our clients and create ample investment opportunities so that they can have peace of mind by creating wealth for all our clients.

Our sound advisory on developing a successful financial plan for clients revolves around six basic principles or in other words our working plan includes six simple steps

  • Understanding client need & objectives
  • Gathering information
  • Analysing the information
  • Proposing various solutions and alternatives
  • Implementing final plan as per client

1. To understand and apply risk management strategies to secure client's dreams and wealth.
2. To understand and apply the niche market penetration strategies.
3. To understand and apply principles of leadership in leading a great team.


1. In Legacy planning and deliverance
2. In underwriting (insuring) sub-standard lives (Not so healthy people).
3. In claims servicing, mainly waivers of legal proof of titles, loss of policy documents, gaps in premium payments, rival claims etc.
4. In Financial pyramid, the fundamental principles that helps wealth growing for generations.